Law Office Marina M. Mlađenović provides clients with a wide range of legal services in all areas of law, such as civil rights (obligation, real, family, inheritance, executive), criminal law, labor law, commercial law, constitutional law, administrative, private international law.

With a professional approach to work, applying our knowledge and experience in solving a wide variety of legal issues, we provide services to both legal and natural persons. Our legal services also include the preparation of due diligence and legal memo for each area of the office.



The Law Office of Marina M. Mlađenović provides legal services in the field of civil law, which are reflected in the provision of oral and written legal advice in the field of obligation, real, inheritance, family, executive law, intellectual property law and other related rights. In addition to providing legal advice, the Law Office of Marina M. Mladjenović drafts submissions in all areas of law (lawsuits, appeals, complaints, damages, motions for enforcement, contracts, wills, etc.), as well as representing clients in court, extrajudicial and arbitration proceedings.

We participate in construction projects in the negotiations and drafting of contracts for the execution of works, design, and supervision during the implementation of large investment projects. We provide advisory services in a variety of transactions of immobilities, including restitution, expropriation, and mortgages.


The Law Office Mlađenović provides services in all areas of criminal law, defense of the defendants as well as representation of the aggrieved  parties in the following procedures:

  • criminal proceedings
  • misdemeanor proceedings
  • economic offenses procedure

Our approach is based on a systematic approach, thorough preparation and active participation in defense creation.

It is our responsibility to exercise all your rights if you find yourself in the capacity of a victim of a criminal offense or other criminal activity. We make and represent a property law claim in criminal proceedings, ie civil proceedings in order to obtain compensation for damages.



Company law and business law are complex, multidisciplinary fields, which can be a great challenge for both market participants and law professionals.

Mlađenović’s office with associates is ready to provide advice on all matters related to your business regarding:

  • Starting or expanding your business,
  • choosing the legal form of the company that best suits your business idea,
  • change of ownership structure,
  • establishment, sale of the company
  • bankruptcy and liquidation of the business entity , etc.

We place special emphasis on services related to compliance with positive legal regulations since these areas of law are known for constant changes of regulations, so their knowledge and application can be a key factor for successful business operations of companies.



Having a good strategy control human resources, adequate contracts and internal rules and procedures are some of the basic prerequisites for a successful business. New business conditions and technological advancements have brought a new dimension to labor relations and their regulation. Often the main challenge is to keep up with all the changes in the legislation. We can help you overcome all these challenges.
Our team provides the following services:
▪ drafting / amending all general and individual acts of the employer (rulebooks, rescript, decisions and other acts of the employer governing the field of labor law),
▪ drafting / modification of employment contracts, temporary and temporary work contracts, work contracts, professional training and education contracts, etc.
▪ the procedure for determining the damage caused to the employer and the employee and all accompanying acts,
▪ Occupational safety and health counseling,
▪ representation in all types of labor law disputes (individual and collective; annulment of dismissal decisions, injuries at work, occupational diseases, discrimination, mobbing, etc.);
▪ work permits and employment of foreigners, etc.



Due to their complexity and specificity, administrative procedures and disputes often require a careful and cautious approach. In order to provide the most comprehensive legal protection to our clients, our team: represents its clients before all administrative bodies, and especially before inspections, various state bodies, as well as in the procedures for obtaining different types of permits and approvals. In customs related procedures, we advise our clients on the legal aspect of customs regulations in the import, export, transit and temporary importation or exportation of goods.

We advise clients on a wide variety of banking and finance projects. Mladjenovic Law Office provides comprehensive legal service in matters related to public-private partnerships, restructuring, bankruptcy, debt collection, as well as all regulatory and administrative compliance issues.
We are here to provide you with legal advice on issues related to the protection of competition law, real estate and tax, etc.



We are aware that business depends most on knowledge and creativity, innovation, marketing, trade secrets and technological solutions. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know how to protect your inventions and innovations. Our experts, through inventive solutions and advice, can help you protect your intellectual property rights.
Our services include:
▪ copyright protection,
▪ protection of patents and trademarks,
▪ representation in disputes and arbitrations and before other competent authorities,
▪ protection of geographical indications,
▪ data protection, confidentiality and privacy,
▪ drafting various contracts.



Taxes and tax law are one of the most challenging areas of law, for companies in their efforts to meet all tax obligations and for the legal profession itself, given the frequent changes and different interpretations of these regulations. Combining knowledge in this area as well as other areas of law, a thorough approach and a deep understanding of what is happening in the local market, we are ready to offer you tax advice and solutions that fully meet your business goals.
We also provide our clients with legal advice regarding the interpretation of regulations. The tax aspect of each individual transaction is an indispensable segment of a serious and comprehensive legal analysis. In this regard, our services, as a rule, must also include tax expertise or a review of the relevant tax implications of each individual legal transaction.