Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes, in which a third a person, a neutral and impartial a person – mediator helps the parties to the conflict to find a mutually acceptable solution.

The specificity of mediation as a voluntary, informal, extremely fast and inexpensive procedure is that during the procedure the parties retain complete control and no one can decide for themselves how to resolve their disputed relationship.

and if an agreement is reached, conclude it in the common interest .

The role of the mediator is precisely that it helps the parties to determine their interests in relation to the other party and reach an agreement. The agreement may have the power of an executive instrument, and the mediator and proxies of the parties may participate in its drafting. Compared to the regular costs of litigation, depending on the value of the dispute, it is cheaper by 35 to 60%.

The mediation process is an informal procedure and is tailored to the interests of the parties. Statements and proposals in the mediation process for the settlement of the dispute are given informally and note are not kept. The parties themselves decide what will be discussed in the mediation process as well as what will be agreed.

At the Law Office and Mediation Office Marina M. Mladenovic, we are committed to providing the right legal solution that will serve the best interests of our clients. In many cases, mediation is a decision that can be satisfied by all parties.

Mediation allows the parties to a dispute to reach justice within a reasonable time because the dispute, which would take several years in the ordinary court procedure, is resolved through mediation within a few hours. Mediation can be initiated by the parties to a legal dispute before or after the case is brought.

The benefits of mediation are:

  • Speed – Mediation usually resolves disputes within one day
  • Cost – The compensation paid to the mediator is far less than the amount paid to finance the often lengthy court proceedings
  • Confidentiality – mediation is a strictly confidential procedure, the mediator cannot testify in court about the content of the mediation
  • Flexibility – Parties have complete freedom to find a suitable way to work productively with a mediator
  • Equality – in mediation, there is no condemnation or blame for specific problems
  • Control – the parties have full control over the course and outcome of the dispute at all times, while the court proceedings follow strictly established rules and the verdict is impossible to predict
  • Win-Win situation – the solution is always acceptable to both parties, while in a lawsuit one party necessarily loses

The Law on Mediation stipulates that a mediator may be a judge, lawyer and other prominent expert who fulfills certain conditions, in accordance with European standards.

Lawyer Marina M. Mladjenovic is a Certified Mediator, with the knowledge to assist clients in mediating real disputes. For parties willing to work together, mediation can help alleviate financial and emotional stress. If you have been involved in any type of legal dispute, consult a lawyer for Marina M. Mladenovic to find out if mediation might be for you, because talking would be the solution.