Тhe law office was founded by Marina M. Mlađenović, a lawyer in Belgrade. She was born in Zvornik on October 9, 1986. from the town of Kravica – Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). After graduating from the High School of Economics – Profile: Customs Technician, in Grammar School  “Petar Kocic” in the city of Zvornik, enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Pale – Department in Bijeljina – General Degree, University of East Sarajevo.

She graduated from the faculty in 2011, then enrolled in master studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade – Business Law Module – Corporate Law Submodule, where he obtained the title of Master of Laws.

She wrote her master thesis on “Conditions of Liability of Legal Persons for Criminal Offenses from the Economic Law Point of View”, where she carefully elaborates on one topic that will experience expansion in the near future.

After completing basic and master’s studies, she undertakes an internship at the law office, where she has gained extensive experience in the field of criminal, civil (family, hereditary, obligation, real, executive), labor, administrative and commercial law.

After passing the bar exam on May 30, 2018. she officially became a lawyer at the Belgrade Bar Association.

In the meantime, she is completing her training as a mediator and is being registered in the register of a mediator – intermediary on 03.10.2019. at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

Lawyer Marina M. Mlađenović holds certificates and licenses for special knowledge in the field of child rights and criminal legal protection of minors, so that he can act at all stages of proceedings against the adult and juvenile offenders.

Attorney and mediator Marina M. Mlađenović participated in seminars and various training in the country and abroad, such as:

– “Human Rights and Freedoms” – Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

– “Legal and Business Ethics” – Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo

– “Facial Expressions of Emotions and Revealing Lies” – Crime Profiling Association

– CPA et al.

Languages: Serbian – native, English, German (beginner level).

Law Office and Mediation Office Marina M. Mlađenović are founded on the principles of professional responsibility, loyalty, quality, knowledge and mutual respect with clients.

What sets the principle of the Mlađenović Law Office apart is based on two pillars: a constant commitment to innovation in the practice of law and constant availability to clients.

We are constantly working to build and improve legal services with a true interest and understanding of the business that our clients are engaged in. Each subject is given the highest level of attention, with the aim of establishing long-term cooperation.

Your case is our responsibility

Law Office Marina M. Mlađenović provides clients with a wide range of legal services in all areas of law, such as civil rights (obligation, real, family, inheritance, executive), criminal law, labor law, commercial law, constitutional law, administrative, private international law.

With a professional approach to work, applying our knowledge and experience in solving a wide variety of legal issues, we provide services to both legal and natural persons. Our legal services also include the preparation of due diligence and legal memo for each area of the office.